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Custom Wealth Solutions

The most important requirement for an investor is that your investment returns beat inflation. However, to achieve your lifetime goals, your investments will also need to meet certain targets above inflation.

The Chrome Wealth Associates follow a lifestyle financial planning approach. This is a thorough and in-depth financial planning process where they work with you to determine and agree upon your personal real return targets. 

From this, the Associates develop an investment strategy to deliver your required specified target returns, consistently and reliably over appropriate time periods. In each case, these returns are relative to inflation within agreed time frames and risk parameters.

Knowing each of our clients’ objectives keeps Chrome Wealth focused on your required outcome

Understanding who you are and what you want and what’s going to make you happy... That's the key. Money is secondary to that. If your purpose is a number, you will never ever have enough.

Andrew Bradley

Director, Chrome Wealth

The Ecosystem

Services geared to enhance client and planning outcomes

The Chrome Wealth Ecosystem is a customisable, user-friendly, end-to-end practice ecosystem, which is enabled by technology to provide everything our associates require to service clients and run a practice.
It enables our associates to focus on their core competencies – client relationships, financial planning and wealth management – and to pass on all the benefits associated with the ecosystem to their clients.

Financial Planning and Wealth Management

These services support our Associates' administrative duties

Investment Services

Investment solutions that help determine and manage client outcomes

Administrative Services

Administration-heavy client servicing on behalf of the Associates

Business Technology Services

Provisioning The Chrome Wealth Ecosystem

Business Management Services

The provision of all back-office requirements